Flash SALE for LPG Endermologie

Our Spa salon in Tarzana was helping ladies for over 10 years and our First specialty is LPG Endermologie.We introduce different kinds of this unique treatment.  Today we are happy to ANNOUNCE Flash SALE for ourRegular LPG Endermologie If you newer tried this increadible treatment we offer First Time Special $45 for first treatment(Reg Price $87) Also for packages … Read more

Revitalize Your Skin with Seasonal Skincare Special

Welcome Spring with Radiant Skin Spring is the perfect time to refresh your skincare routine and address any concerns accumulated over the winter months. With the changing weather and increased exposure to sunlight, it’s essential to nourish and protect your skin to maintain its health and vitality. At Spa Salone, our expert estheticians are here … Read more

Spring into Shape. The Ultimate Body Toning Solution

As the vibrant colors of spring begin to bloom, many of us are motivated to shed the layers of winter and embrace the renewal of the season. For those looking to sculpt their bodies and achieve a toned physique, LPG Endermologie emerges as a revolutionary solution. This cutting-edge technology offers a non-invasive and effective method … Read more


Access Consciousness Body Processes that we offer here, in our Tarzana Spa Salon, are a very unique type of hands-on healing that creates dynamic change. They help to unlock tension, resistance, trauma and dis-ease of the body by shifting energy dynamically. Everything from boosting the immune system, reversing the effects of aging, weight loss, to … Read more

Cellulite removal and body contouring.

Endermologie has single-handedly revolutionized the beauty and anti-aging industry. The only effective, non-invasive cellulite solution in the world LPG technologies are among the most cutting-edge in existence. Recent studies have proven that with continued treatment, Endermologie’s results are long-lasting.Endermologie is a mechanical Lipomassage, body firming and cellulite smoothing treatment with additional benefits for fibrosis, inflammation, … Read more

Valentine’s Day Special Deals.

Happy Valentine’s Day from our Tarzana Spa !Very exciting news regarding Special Deals: Something we rarely offer:Body Procedures: Advanced LPG EndermologieFree Consultation and First session – Only $75 (limited time deal) Ozone Infrared Sauna (below read about incredible benefits)Pack of 8 + FREE two Lymphatic Drainage Massage – $500 Facial Procedures Special Deals: Gift Certificates … Read more

Limited time offer: Free Weight Loss Package.

We are Local Tarzana Spa Fusion Of Beauty announcing limited time deal: January 23- January 27th, 2024 With ANY Pack of Facial procedures you receive FREE pack ofWeight Loss / Detox = Infrared Body Wrap + Lymphatic Drainage as a GIFT. For ANY Pack larger than 5 Facials  receive a FREE pack of 5 Infrared Body Wrap (50 min) … Read more

Post Liposuction Treatment

Advanced Endermologie Los Angeles

After liposuction, patients typically experience swelling, bruising, and discomfort. The recovery process may vary depending on the extent of the liposuction and individual factors. LPG Endermologie is always suggested as a post-treatment to help with postoperative recovery. We work with multiple sergeants who refers their clients to us for post-lipo treatment. These treatments help you … Read more

Limited Time Weight Loss Deals for start of 2024

Weight Loss PackagesCombo:  LPG Endermologie + Infrared Body Wrap + Lymphatic Drainage Here, at Fusion Of Beauty in our Tarzana Spa Salon we offer a unique combo of 3 treatments best performed at the same time. 2 hours of 3 treatments will help you Burn up to 1400 calories/ each treatmentTighten skinReduce InflammationReduce Cellulite Reshape/ Re-sculpt your bodyCombining this … Read more

Why cellulite forms and how to reduce its appearance.


There is not one simple answer to why it appears. Cellulite forms due to a combination of factors that have to do with structure of skin, connective tissue, and underlying fat. It is a common condition for women, and occurs when fat deposits push through the connective tissue beneath the skin, causing a dimpled or … Read more

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