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Crownscopy Diagnostics for our Access Bars Clients.

As an incredibly cool Gift for those who wants to experience Access Bars Treatment. For our regular clients of Energy treatments at our Tarzana location, we offer a free diagnostics on Crownscope.
It is a program intended for people evaluating state of their being on the lumenescence of crown grams taken from ten fingers.
It evaluates the condition of your organism, its organs, its state for the time being.
It gives a picture of all seven of your energy centers and their exact location ( if they are shifted), it gives a description of low/high energy state for your organs and draws curves of your biorhythms ( giving you a clear picture why your physical rhythm is in tune or not with your Intellectual rhythm, with Emotional rhythm and Intuitive.
It draws your energy field.
Gives clear picture of your psychosomatic context of energy imbalance, shows state of your energy meridians and draws picture of your 3-D crown brain with clear reports.

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