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Body Detox & Cleansing

Spa Body Treatments for Weight Loss, Cellulite & Immune System Detox

We Specialize in Restorative & Replenishing Spa Body Treatments

At Fusion of Beauty salon & spa in Tarzana, CA, we specialize in restorative and replenishing spa body treatments for health and wellbeing.

Our exclusive Body Wellness Program meets you where you are, on your journey to becoming the best version of you.

Our clients often tell us how excited they are with the results of individual treatments targeting specific issues or body areas. And, they are thrilled with the powerful cumulative effect of the complete program on their overall well-being. They say the results are better than they ever imagined.

Look great, feel great!

Explore the full range of our weight loss, cellulite and immune system
spa body treatments in Tarzana, with our exclusive introductory package.

Spa Body Treatments Los Angeles

Infrared Body Wrap Formostar

Infra-red heat penetrates twice as deeply as conventional heat methods to reach fat, toxins, and cellulite trapped in pockets beneath the surface pf the skin. Infra-red Body Wrap Formostar targets the common fatty areas that bother us most – arms, abdomen, buttocks, hips and thighs.

It also smooths and rejuvenates skin, reduces stress, manages pain, and detoxifies.

Infrared Body Wrap Formostar Tarzana
Infrared Body Wrap Los Angeles
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Spa Body Treatments Tarzana

Infrared & Ozone Sauna

Ozone sauna therapy detoxifies, significantly boosts energy levels and the immune system, fighting viruses and microbes, and is anti-inflammatory helping with pain reduction, joint and muscle support, and cardiovascular healing. Ozone treatments are also anti-aging, improves brain function, regulates hormones, and boosts enzyme production.

Regular ozone sauna use has been shown to support mental wellbeing, improve sleep, and reduce stress, depression, and anxiety. Ozone spa body treatments are excellent to help your body fully recover and regain your strength after a COVID infection.

Clients have described feelings of euphoria after their treatment.

Infra-red & Ozone Sauna Los Angeles
Gemstone Sauna Tarzana - Spa Body Treatments

Tao Gemstone Sauna

Experience the therapeutic power of heated gemstone therapy to restore cellular health, boost energy, circulation, and metabolism, and balance and cleanse chakras. The Gemstone Sauna is also detoxifying, provides relief from headaches, pain and inflammation, as well as joint pain associated with arthritis.

After gemstone therapy you will enjoy better sleep, more energy, relief from stress and just feel better!

Gemstone Sauna Los Angeles
Body Treatments Tarzana

Ballancer®Pro Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Ballancer®Pro is the safest and most state-of-the-art compression therapy system. Backed by decades of medical research and based on the principles of manual lymphatic drainage this FDA-cleared technology is “light years” ahead of any compression therapy system.

The Ballancer®Pro has been coined “The Rolls Royce of Lymphatic Drainage Massage”.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage Treatments have a huge variety of benefits, and the results are often dramatic!

Overall, lymphatic drainage massage is known to flush out toxins, reduce water weight, regulate your body’s response to stress, and produce immune cells (white blood cells), which help protect from infections such as cancer cells, fungi, viruses, and bacteria.

The process absorbs fatty acids and stimulates the transportation of fat, speeding up weight loss, and reduces the appearance of cellulite and varicose veins.

Ballancer Pro Lymphatic Drainage Massage Tarzana
Lymphatic Massage
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Led Red Light Therapy Bed Tarzana

Safe & Natural Skin Repair in Tarzana

Our LED Bed uses red light therapy for a non-invasive, soothing, and gentle treatment. LED red light therapy stimulates your body’s natural ability to protect and repair cells and tissue and provides relief from pain and discomfort without negative side effects.

LED red-light treats the source of pain rather than masking symptoms and is used to support the healing of wounds and lesions, from a range of complaints including psoriasis, eczema, sun damage, and cold sores.

It also is regenerative for the complexion and helps to diminish wrinkles and stimulate hair growth.

LED Red Light Therapy Tarzana

Ultimate Health Package

 Prioritize your health - Live your best life!

Our Ultimate Health Package comprises 6 different immune-stimulating body treatments that detox your body, help prevent against viruses, and promote weight loss.

These treatments also stimulate your body to burn calories, produce collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid and tighten naturally. The side effects include a reduction in pain, stress and anxiety and will help you enjoy a longer, healthier life!

Although this approach takes time, our clients find it hugely rewarding! They report losing weight, skin that looks young and fresh, and feeling great too-like their immune system is strong and supported.

This package of health treatments is ideal for those who are ready to prioritize their health, now!


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