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Spring Facial routine.

It’s getting warmer, sun is shining brighter and we recommend to adjust your skin routine.

What would be best to do and best not to do treatments?

  1. Stay away from chemical peels. Do not stress your skin more than it’s needed.
  2. Hydrate, moisturize and supply your skin with nutritions.

Our Mirapeel Holistic Hydro Facial Treatment is customized to your skin goals. 

Our very experienced esthetician will start with the evaluation of your skin: what needs should be served first ( acne, deep cleansing, moisturizing, anti-aging etc) 

During your treatment we customize the hydro solution to your skin needs: detoxification, hydration, brighting and even anti-aging!

The solution infuses the skin with touch needed nutrients while removing dead skin.

That first dead layer of skin that contains excessive oils ( those that produce white heads and/or black heads)

Mirapeel Hydro Facial also includes and light form of micro needling. 

It’ does wonders for collagen and elastin production, minimizing fine lines and wrinkles. 

If you’re looking more for a deeper hydration and extra glow – we recommend Oxygen dome facial!

Oxygen Facial is beneficial for any skin type and for any condition. It’s gentle and effective. 

Oxygen has unique healing properties that help to heal irritated, inflamed skin.

It detoxifies your skin from pollution in the air, cigarette smoke, and any other everyday toxins.

 It also amazingly helps with cell turnover, collagen production, shrinking of pore size.

 Overall if help rejuvenate and hydrate the skin giving you the plump and glow you need to look refreshed during these hot months up ahead.

One of amazing side effects of this facial: your skin will have that beautiful healthy glowing look.

In many occasions we recommend combining this two facials so that after excessive cleansing and removing dead skin cells your skin will be greatly nurtured by Oxygen. 

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