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Welcome to our new website!

Hello dear friends,

We are happy to announce the launch of the new website, with more opportunities to interact with us here at Fusion of Beauty.

Now, as well as on Instagram and Facebook, we will post updates right here, making it a one-stop for all.

So, what’s new?

GemStone TAO Sauna Tarzana

Ozone Treatments in Tarzana

More and more treatments that we add to our Menu now include immune boosting sessions in our Ozone Infrared Sauna, and TAO GemStone Sauna.

These treatments are unique and valuable for a multitude of reasons, and ozone therapy is a wonderful treatment for COVID recovery.

“As per a clinical trial conducted in mid-2020 ozone therapy showed a recovery rate of 77% within five days and by the eighth day, all the patients from the ozone group recovered. Ozone therapy has a greater impact in controlling the infection as the patient suffers from various conditions, such as circulatory disorders leading to clotting or thrombosis, headaches, lung infection, body pain and breathlessness situations. We have given ozone therapy to over 700 patients in Mumbai and Pune,” says Dr. Mili Shah, President, Ozone Forum of India.

The therapy is equally effective in helping post-Covid-19 regain strength and get relief from post-Covid symptoms like fatigue and breathlessness. “Doctors also recommend 10 sessions of ozone therapy Post Covid-19. This way immunity is enhanced and patients rebuild antioxidants in their body, thus regaining their strength,” says Dr Shah.


Are you stressed?

With the intensity of recent events around the world, stress is a common complaint for most of the people we see in the salon. Stress is associated with higher levels of anxiety, insomnia, irritability, etc., and long-term this affects our mental and physical wellbeing.

3 ways to reduce stress in 2022

Here are three simple steps that anyone can take to reduce stress and help you reclaim your well-being.

1. Take daily walks and connect with Mother Earth.

Any energetic and physical movement can uplift your body and spirit, including active breathing, yoga and dance.

2. Turn off the news from your various daily feeds.

The news, and other sensational media, can overwhelm even the strongest of individuals. Just like food, be selective about what you consume and direct your energy to your own well-being and the well-being of your family and friends.

3. Experience a GemStone TAO Sauna.

Enjoy the benefits of tourmaline, amethyst, obsidian and jade and the technology of heated gemstones, with far-infrared and negative ions. The Gemstone TAO Sauna is a full body experience that can lower your stress levels, help to fight insomnia, promote detoxification and muscle relaxation, boost the immune system, revitalise your cellular metabolism and much, much more!

If you have read this far, here is a little surprise! Mention this post to our front desk associate when booking any treatment and receive a free GemStone TAO Sauna experience FREE!

Please stay tuned for more updates.

Much love,
Anna and the team

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